Antonio is an experienced Marketing and Communications Professional with a strong background in project management and result-oriented strategies. He has twenty years of combined, corporate, academic and professional sports experience. His skills consist of brand strategy development, marketing techniques, effective use of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and directing special events. He has vast knowledge of marketing mediums, funding sources, communication principles and media.
He is a licensed Attorney in Italy and in the past he has worked for International Companies such as Moulinex/Brand Group and Olimpia-Splendid Inc. Antonio has a strong Academic Background; he has collaborated with UCSB and he is currently Consultant and Instructor for the Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management at the University of California Riverside. In Italy he also taught in two prestigious Post Degree Programs in Sports Management at the University of Bologna and the University of Bari. He published more than 50 marketing and sports management articles and the first book in the world about the marketing of Rugby “Oval Marketing”.
His education credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Juris Doctor Degree. He is trilingual in English, Italian and Spanish. Awarded with an O1 Visa for his extraordinary ability in the marketing, communication, business, and management.