WGN 2.0 Latin American Launch Phase starts now!

WGN is proud to present you an extraordinary opportunity. The Latin American Launch Phase is a brand new opportunity for you to build and increase your business in WGN and take part in the WGN Lifestyle. From May 15th to June 30, your Country will be at the center of some fantastic promotions thanks to the Launch phase.

A game-changing new tool for your business is ready: Say hello to the new 3 min video

In our business, marketing tools are essential, even more so when you need to showcase your business opportunity in an attractive, fast and precise manner. We are proud to announce the new 3 min video that describe the amazing WGN opportunities. It delivers the most interesting sides of our products, market, company, and opportunities.

A new logo to continue our path of innovation

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018: Today, during the official launch conference for HELO LX+, World Global Network also announced and showcased our new official logo. Proudly called "the ribbon", this new logo depicts a dynamic, powerful company. The flow of the W represents the business from a starting point to its final point, which exudes success. All of this is drawn along a path that symbolizes World.


Important communication for all the WOR(l)D users.


Important communication for all the WOR(l)D users.

Wor(l)d International Announces 35% growth On Q3 Sales

WOR(l)D International -a Triple A classified opportunity by Business For Home – announces 35% growth on Q3 sales and a projection of 50% growth for Q4 WOR(l)D Network’s momentum is growing. This is reflected not only in the large numbers of top leaders joining the company, but also in 35% growth for Q3. Projections for Q4 are an additional 50% growth.

Huge Success for Thailand

Wor(l)d has only been operating in Thailand for 6 months, and we can already count it as a huge success. Thailand, opened by Chanida and Nat Paranaputra, has been the main door for the Asian market. Chanida and Nat are both Global Master Distributors and Double President Millionaires in Wor(l)d.

Nat and Chanida Puranaputra have reached in a few months the rank of Double President Millionaire!

Global Master Distributors Nat and Chanida Puranaputra are giants in this industry and with all their heart, they have taken up the challenge with WOR(l)D.

Phanawat “Shane” Lapsamphan – WOR(l)D GN’s 11th President Millionaire

There is no doubt that WOR(l)D Global Network is experiencing hyper growth and momentum. Just after 4 short months of partnering with WOR(l)D GN, Phanawat “Shane” Lapsamphan quickly shot through the ranks and just recently became the 11thPresident Millionaire, and the 2nd from Asia, in the company.