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Here at WOR(l)D, we are passionate about rewarding our distributors and motivating them to grow their businesses. One way we do this is through corporate events. Our international conventions, incentive trips, and training meetings celebrate our distributors and our company, reward our top distributors, and provide training for those looking to improve their businesses. Scroll through this page and take a look at some of our most recent WOR(l)D events!

Consumer Electronic Show (CES)

Millionaire Club

North America – Diamond Life Convention Las Vegas 2017

International Convention Bangkok 2017

Presidents Experience – Supercar Delivery

Practicality dictates that everyone’s results will vary as we are all unique and different. Basically, it takes hard work to make a substantial income in this business. Some people will make no money at all. The earnings of a WOR(l)D global network partner will be 100 percent dependent upon their skills, work effort, commitment, leadership capabilities, and market conditions. Common sense would suggest that in most opportunities, one would find exceptional individuals performing well above average, while others perform under the average. WOR(l)D Global Network does not guarantee any level of income or your success. 

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Diamond Life Holiday

Diamond Life Conventions

President Council