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Reward yourself living as you deserve.

The WOR(l)D’s events are something unique and unbelievable. You need to live it to understand better what they mean. In every place we bring our energy, our passion and, obviously, our style. Because to create an event it’s not just something to make business but it’s an experience, something you want to live completely. Don’t miss the chance to live the WOR(l)D Lifestyle.


Past Events

North America – Diamond Life Convention 2017 | Las Vegas

Oct 2017

Thousands of people witnessed many great announcements. WOR(l)D’s management showcased the next steps of a company that is ready for the future with the strength of ever-winning ideas and the support of a team ready to face all challenges.

With the emotional and powerful effort of our Top Leaders and the final amazing speech of our CEO Fabio Galdi, this event will go down in WOR(l)D History as one of the most important ever, thanks to its powerful messages and announcements.

International Convention 2017 | Bangkok

May 2017

The 2017 WOR(l)D Global Network Convention was an incredible success. More than 5,000 people, representing more than 50 countries, crowded the Impact Arena stands, and we all heard and felt their enthusiasm. Mr. Fabio introduced the future of this company and explained his vision. He showed the audience where he imagines WOR(l)D will soon be, and he showed the facts regarding this great movement that will soon change the network marketing industry forever.

Diamond Life Holiday 2017 | Dubai

January 2017

Among gala dinners and a fantastic run in the desert great food, the Diamond Life Holiday also had unprecedented awards, with prizes on stage and a preview of the 3 SuperCars won thanks to the SuperCar Promo: a Maserati for Phanawat Lapsamphan & Paisan Jhonjaroen (TH), a sporty Lamborghini for Chad and Nattida Chong (US), and a very luxurious Rolls Royce for Grand President Millionaire Chanida and Nat Paranaputra (TH).

Diamond Life Holiday ASIA | Singapore

August 2016

WOR(l)D Diamond Life Holiday has it all. Singapore was the perfect frame for a fantastic three day holiday where, in the name of lifestyle and glamour, more than 100 distributors, who achieved with dedication and work their deserved qualifications, could experience what is the meaning and the feeling of such an event in WOR(l)D.

Diamond Life Holiday 2016 | Bali

April 2016

An amazing island as a frame for an amazing moment: the 5th Birthday has been celebrated just during those days.

Exotic landscape, fun, business and the usual WOR(l)D Lifestyle have create another unbelievable event.

Diamond Life Convention 2014 | Dubai

December 2014

Dubai hosts the fantastic International Convention with almost 3000 distributors coming from all over the world.

A lot of news, amazing products and the path for a bright future.

Diamond Life Holiday 2014 | Punta Cana

April 2014

An amazing island as a frame for an amazing moment: the 5th Birthday has been celebrated just during those days.

Exotic landscape, fun, business and the usual WOR(l)D Lifestyle have create another unbelievable event.

Last Events

International Convention

WOR(l)D International Convention Bangkok

May 27th


The WOR(l)D International Convention will take place in Bangkok, in the amazing Impact Arena, on May 27, 2017.
People who purchased the ticket for the November convention can use it for this new date.

In your store you can find the new ticket including the terms and conditions for access.
It will be an event in true WOR(l)D style, where you will attend a unique show and will see very clearly the path that will bring you great WOR(l)D success.

This is an event you can’t afford to miss!

Diamond Life Holiday

Diamond Life Holiday Dubai

January 2017


The Next destination for our exclusive WOR(l)D Diamond Life Holiday for a prestige, world-class vacation will be in Dubai which will definitely be exciting. This is where you will meet our top management and leaders from around the world while enjoying amazing activities and memorable moments at luxurious venues. We guarantee you’ll have fun!

Be sure to meet qualification criteria and celebrate your success with us in Dubai.

The future is in your hand at WOR(l)D.


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