WGN Commission Payment

Statistics and Procedure

World Global Network guarantees a commission payment to those who join the Customer Referral Program – Member


Commission accuracy

The World Global Network (WGN) calculation and payment system is extremely accurate and guarantees minimal margin of error.

The company declares a precision of 99.9% on the determination and an error of 0.1%

  •  Accuracy 99,9%
  • Inaccuracy 0,1%
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Commission Payments Timing

In accordance with international payment policy requirements adopted by all network marketing companies, the commission amounts become available in users’ e-wallet systems following this scheme:

  • For Philippine markets, payment will be made fourteen days after the calculation.
  • For Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, and Indian markets, payment will be made seven days after the calculation.
  • For international, US & Canada and other Localized markets, payment will be made twenty-one days after the calculation.

From that moment, users can request the funds to be wired to their cards or their bank accounts. This operation may be affected if it takes place near the close of the week.


Commission Calculation

The first step in commission calculations is the closure of the commissions period, which defines the term of the business cycle.

Commission calculations are based on the sales made by each user, and during this operation, points, commissions, and bonuses are assigned to the whole structure of the CRP user network.

The bonuses, described in the Official PayPlan, are as follows:

  • Fast Sales Bonus
  • Team Volume Commission
  • Money Box
  • Team Developer Pool Bonus
  • Ability to reach RANK Levels
  • Generation Matching Bonus up to 10 levels
  • $1,000 Monthly Car Bonus
  • Luxury Holidays
  • Ring Bonus
  • Exclusive President Experience Events
  • President Millionaire Club
  • 1% Millionaire Pool Bonus
  • President Millionaire Council
Commission Period Expiration Time

Commission periods are officially open until Tuesday of each week (00:00 Los Angeles – PDT Pacific Daylight Time = UCT/GMT -8).

The Company reserves the right to extend a commission period at any time.

Result of Calculation

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After commissions are calculated, you can view your commissions in the Business-Commissions section of your backoffice. As in the example, you can look at your earnings trend, Pending Payment and Completed Payment.

  • Pending Payments represent your commissions that are calculated and assigned to you but not yet paid.
  • Completed Payments represent your commissions that are calculated and paid and are available on your electronic wallet.

Each of the following is indicated in each payment:

  • Commission period #;
  • Commission period start date;
  • Commission period end date;
  • Amount;
  • Market;
  • Payment date.

Payment Details

For each payment, you can expand the details and view:

  • Gross Amount;
  • Tax Amount;
  • Net Amount.

You can also look at the various items in the amount that are divided into the different bonuses you received (e.g. Fast Sales, TVC, Generation and Millionaire Bonus).

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Payment Withdraw

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Depending on the payment times defined for each country, your pending amounts are paid regularly and on time.

The amounts become available in your electronic wallet on WOR(l)D Global Money’s payment platform.

From this moment you can choose among the following:

  • To keep the amount on your electronic wallet: 

You can use your wallet like a normal bank account and keep your earnings on it. You can withdraw the amount at any time in the future.

  • To transfer the amount to your bank account or your card: 

By inserting details of your card or bank account in WORLD Global Money platform.

  • To transfer the amount to iPayOut system 

after you have registered and have enabled the iPayOut electronic account, which has all the normal features of a bank account.

The 93% of the request are completed within 48 hours from the time when the request is submitted. The other 7% are completed within 10 days.

Transfer operations

Through the Wallet page in the Accounting section of your backoffice, you can manage your transfers.

You can choose manual transfers to your bank account or to iPayOut, so you’ll be able to decide when and what amount to transfer.

Or you can choose to set an automatic transfer to your preferred system. In this way, once the commissions are paid, the system will automatically request the transfer.

Note: This operation takes a banking time that is independent of the company. This process can be affected if the close of the week is close to the request day.

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World Global Network reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this terms at any time. It is your responsibility to check this document periodically for changes.