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Helo Plates

An amazing add-on for your HELO

HELO has titanium plates with minerals and stones which can give you amazing benefits to your lifestyle.

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Helo LX - World Global Network

An add-on for your wellbeing

A unique range of Germanium and Titanium Accessories for your HELO wellness bands.

Combining fashion and wellness to create an amazing new concept.

Easy to fit

A patented clip-on system on the wristband allows you to apply the titanium plates.

Choose the position of the plates as you want thanks to the holes on your band. Make it comfortable.


Germanium works

Thousands and thousands of people experience its power every day.

The benefits of the Germanium are enjoyed daily by people like you. Use it by yourself and you will better understand its power.

Helo Pro Plan, designed for you

Helo App free Helo Pro Plan
Recording Time 30 Days Unlimited
Permanent Storage Yes
WeCare 1 person 20 persons
SOS 1 person 3 persons
Guardian Yes
LifeOracle Standard Personalized

Extend the power of your Helo services with more features.


USD (monthly)

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