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Love at first beat.

Don’t follow the trends. Drive the change. Improve your lifestyle. Fit your beat.

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Total Heart Rate
Total beats worldwide till now.


The measurements and datas are updated daily.

Total Breath Rate
Total breaths worldwide till now.


Total Steps
Total steps worldwide till now.


Accuracy Feedback
Directly from the app

Heart Rate

23426 msrt.

Breath Rate

21654 msrt.

Overal Quality

93421 msrt.

Mood and Energy

212423 msrt.


New Design. New Shapes. New Horizons.

HELO LX is the brand new Wellness Band of WOR(l)D, designed to fit your style. And your wellness.

The Wellness Band reinvented. With a completely new design, HELO LX not only brings new materials and new finishings but also introduces the new sensor sampling frequency at 125Hz instead of 35Hz like the previous model. This means more accuracy in measurements.


Hz for sensor sampling frequency

Better precision to measure your Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Mood and Fatigue, Heart Check* and Overal Quality
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Modular is the key

Buy your HELO and your Germanium kit separately or buy them together.

HELO LX is designed to be fully modular to fit all your needs: you choose what you need, building your Wellness band to fit your wellness and your style.

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Colorful Wellness

With the 5-Pack Bands kit, now you can choose the right color for every occasion.

The clip-off system allows you to change the band whenever you want, with no stress.

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Details that matter

HELO LX: it’s not only changed in shape, but also inside.

Very important details to improve a successful product, building a giant step ahead to monitor your wellness and improve your lifestyle.

*requires Helo paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.

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Take care of your loved ones

Monitor and check the vital signs of your loved ones remotely*. With a tap.

WeCare is an amazing function that allows you to remotely check the wellness of your parents, friends, and loved ones. This is true peace of mind.

*require Helo paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.

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Message in a bottle app

With a click automatically send an SOS* message to the people added in your HELO app.

Add up to 3** people to contact via SMS, call, and app-to-app in case you are in trouble. Just double click the button on the side.

*requires HELO paired with a smartphone or tablet with data connection active and available
**requires HELO Pro Plan or Loyalty Program active

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Set your alert

Advise your loved ones if your measurements are not in the correct range*.

Guardian offers you an amazing feature: alerting your loved ones through SMS and in-app messages if your measurements are too high or low.

*require HELO paired with a Smartphone or Tablet, data connection active and GPS signal active.

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Helo App - World Global Network
Helo App

Helo Pro Plan, designed for you

Helo App free Helo Pro Plan
Recording Time 30 Days Unlimited
Permanent Storage Yes
WeCare 1 person 20 persons
SOS 1 person 3 persons
Guardian Yes
LifeOracle Standard Personalized

Extend the power of your Helo services with more features.


USD (monthly)

starting from

A device with an opportunity to change your life.

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The Germanium
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I love my early warning system
HELO alerted me that my pulse was too slow
Life saving device!

Discover the business opportunity and become a wellness ambassador.


Helo Smartband

Battery 120 mAh Lithium
Sampling Frequency 125 Hz
Size 2,5x4x1,2 cm
Weight 103 gr
Userguide Click here

Helo Smartband, the best solution for your lifestyle.