Changing the System


Artificial Intelligence can help users to apply improvement to their own life and can help prevent unnecessary actions.

How Can We Make It Happen?

There is a longstanding fear that AI may become too powerful and start to dictate and run human life. Once we overcome this fear and understand the great things AI can do, then we can start to progress towards utilizing it for the benefit of mankind.


The second thing to do is to bring all these results to the mass. We must avoid keeping this as a secret or a tool just for big companies. Wellness is for everyone.helo_dna_01

For this reason, WOR(l)D has created the Project HELO. We want to put AI together with new technologies to catch big data directly from people through a “democratic” device, developed thanks to an open protocol, where users, members, and developers can truly working towards a shared well-being which will bring about a new era for medicine and wellness. This is the reason why people will join our movement.