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Every day we spend more and more time using our tablets, mobile, and smartphones. We are constantly sharing information, networking and communicating with our friends, our business partners, or just using these devices for fun.

But did you know that all these devices emit radiation, which may be harmful to the human body?

The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high radio-frequency radiation. BioZen is the only technology in the world that expands this protection to a biological level. This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are formed.


BioZen PLUS is Now a Class 1 Medical Device in Europe

Registration ID – BD/RDM: 1657874

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A small chip.

A big difference.

BioZen protects you against mobile radiation. Scientifically and medically proven.

BioZen uses the latest innovations in layered thin chip technology to actively protect your body from harmful radiation,

  • From electronic devices
  • Protection anywhere, anytime


  • Reduces magnetic field gradients
  • Defends your body against changes to your blood profile
  • Lowers your body’s stress levels


Harmful Carcinogenic Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Electricity is all around us – our phones, our tablets, and even in the surrounding where electrical wires are running around us. Imagine being surrounded by EMF that are tens of volts per meter in your own homes. Where there is electricity, there exists both electric and magnetic fields. These fields have long been in question – does being exposed to these extremely low frequencies (ELF) of electromagnetic fields (EMF) cause adverse health consequences?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has investigated this risk and have concluded a concrete finding in their 2007 research.

“External ELF magnetic fields induce electric fields and currents in the body which, at very high field strengths, cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system.”

There is more to this than just short-term effects to your health. In fact, according to the research conducted by WHO, long-term exposure to these extremely low EMF frequency can result in childhood leukaemia. This poses a threat of EMF having potential carcinogenic effects on humans. 

Some of the diseases associated with extremely low EMF frequencies are:

  • Childhood cancer
  • Cancers in adults
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Reproductive dysfunction
  • Developmental disorders
  • Immunological modifications
  • Neurobehavioral effects
  • Neurodegenerative diseases

In 2015, Dr. Claude Bärtels (Science4Life Lab) completed a study titled “The influence of electromagnetic radiation on human tissue with special consideration of the effect of magnetic field gradients.”


When using a mobile phone, there is a technical Extreme Low-Frequency Electro Magnetic Field (ELF-EMF) surrounding it containing gradients. That means this electromagnetic field is diverging in its strength in different areas. Back in 1992, at the California Institute of Technology. Kirschvink – discovered that those kinds of technical electromagnetic field with their gradients irritate the magnetite crystals inside the human brain. This sends signals to the central control unit of the brain (the pineal gland). The production of certain proteins and hormones are affected in a negative way which is called a stress response. With the modified effectiveness of melatonin, the immune system is weakened, DNA is damaged, and the body’s protein balance is affected negatively. There are fewer repair proteins, more stress proteins, and thus the stress level rises in the body. BIOZEN levels out these gradients without negatively affecting the quality of the radio frequency and simulates a flat, natural magnetic field. As a result, the brain’s magnetite crystals are not irritated anymore. The hormone and protein production returns back to normal, the DNA’s shield is built up again, and the body’s proteins start to repair the damaged DNA which helps the stress level to normalize. With its stored quantum information, BIOZEN brings order to the chaos, or rather it prevents chaos from occurring. This has a positive influence on all mobile device emissions.

One effect of BioZen is that your body is under less stress while using mobile devices.

Measurement of water crystals – How BioZen affects the crystal structure of water remains protected.

Healthy water is characterized by a hexagonal structure. Simulative test results show that the e-smog, which is caused by mobile phones without BioZen, destroys the structure of water. However, when the same test was conducted using a mobile phone with BioZen, the structure remained almost intact.

Example of a 15-minute cell phone call effects

Structure of water
(before the mobile phone call)

Destroyed structure
(mobile phone call without BioZen)

Structure with BioZen
(mobile phone call with BioZen)

Examination in a dark field – How BioZen produces positive effects on human blood.

Blood count examinations provide information about the negative impacts of mobile phone radiation. Healthy blood is characterized by single and clearly visible blood cells. Tests that were conducted after a 10-minute telephone call without BioZen, and they showed modifications in the blood count (a modified hematopoietic): the blood cells stuck together. It is likely that the surrounding water protection shield or the blood cells themselves lost polarization due to the negative impact of the conflicting magnetic field. In contrast, the same test that was carried out after a 10-minute phone call with BioZen, and did not show any changes in the blood count.

But BioZen goes one step further: Test subjects, whose blood count had already been abnormal, started using BioZen, and all of them noticed an improvement in their blood count.

Example of a 10 minute cell phone call

Mostly healthy blood with BioZen

Forms of abnormal blood (modified hematopoietic) after mobile cell phone calls without BioZen

Results and monitoring

The effect of BioZen measured with Biomonitor
Lab Test
The effect of Biozen measured with Testlameter
Lab Test
Protective effects of BioZen chip against mobile phone radiation on the model of developing quail embryo
Lab Test

Drs Igor Yakymenko, Olexandr Tsybulin, Anatoliy Burlaka


Protect your body

Many applications that use electrical energy create a magnetic field nearby. Extremely low-frequency magnetic fields have a negative impact on the body. Protect yourself now.

Easy to use, Easy to apply!

Mobile Phone

  • Clean any grease and dust from the surface
  • Remove the foil backing paper from BioZen chip
  • Apply BioZen directly on or as close as possible to the battery. Press down firmly on the BioZen chip and surround, smoothing out any bubbles. Remove the top flexible plastic cover.

WLAN, Tablet, Laptop

  • Attach BioZen to the external power supply on top of the battery of your router, modem, tablet, laptop or any other electrical device.

Cordless Telephone, Baby Monitor

  • Attach BioZen to the base station of your power adapter. Attach it to the mobile part the same way you would attach it to your cell phone.


Improve your wellness with a simple gesture.

BioZen uses the last technology in antenna wave shield and has been scientifically and medically proven.